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MaxFire Suspended Grill/Fire Pit

MaxFire Suspended Grill/Fire Pit

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MaxFire Suspended Grill/Fire Pit

We've developed this 2-in-1 product for those who need to save space. It has a dual function, serving as a grill with the use of the stainless steel grate, or if you prefer, you can use it solely as a suspended fire pit. By being above the ground, it doesn't damage vegetation. Super lightweight and durable.


  • Excellent value for money
  • More practicality
  • Low weight
  • Compact
  • Waterproof

Technical Data

  • Material: Special alloy aluminum and stainless steel
  • Color: Matte silver
  • Weight: 1.5 kg

Measurements Assembled:

  • Height: 80 cm
  • Width: 80 cm
  • Length: 80 cm


  • Height: 8 cm
  • Width: 34 cm
  • Length: 52 cm

Grate: 30 cm Ø

Package Contents: 1 MaxFire containing: 3 legs, 8 stainless steel hooks, charcoal/wood tray, stainless steel grate

Frequently Asked Questions Why use a suspended grill/fire pit? To avoid damaging vegetation and eliminate the risk of wildfires, as the flame does not come into contact with the ground.

Can I wash the grate and MaxFire parts? Yes, you can use water and neutral soap for cleaning.


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